What’s Another Eleven Days?

Let’s focus on the positives from this past weekend: staying up until three in the morning three nights in a row didn’t kill me.  It is never a bad weekend when a friend from out of town visits.  If this was supposed to be a normal weekend it would be considered great. Continue reading


Rediscovering Yoga: Cruel Intentions and First Impressions

This past semester for a semester long project I started practicing yoga.  Over the next three days I will be posting my experience in three parts.  It can be seen as yoga week here at our blog.  Enjoy. Continue reading

Fanboy Friday: The Jessie Ware Concert, Plus Njomza and Meg Myers Release New Songs

I was in a predicament this past Monday.  Do I be responsible and work on assignments all day and indulge in the NCAA Final or do I work on assignments all day, indulge in the NCAA final, and go to the Jessie Ware concert at the Commodore? Continue reading