Basketball Over Everything: My Top Ten Favourite Players For 2013/2014

If five year old Irving read our blog since our summer hiatus this is what he’d say, “Hey Irving, you’ve written plenty about music, comics, camp, music, and had your 50th post.  How about a post about basketball?  You know that sport you love or at least you say you do but now you seem more occupied with yoga.  By the way, you suck and I hate you.  You poo poo head.” Continue reading

Basketball Over Everything: Can Lebron Live?

The two following numbers are true.

Number of Lebron James’ Championships and Finals MVPs: 2

Number of times I’ve watched Lebron be presented with said trophies: 0 Continue reading

Basketball Over Everything: Timmy D

Tim Duncan has been called many things over his 16 year career.  The Big Fundamental.  The best power forward ever.  The best player of his generation.  Boring.  Old.  My friend Francis has referred to him as the Ageless Wonder this season.  I’ve been following him since the Spurs won the lockout title in ’99, I’ve settled on calling him Timmy D. Continue reading