Fanboy Friday: Can I Interest You in Some Zen?

Sometimes we need a solid and swift kick in the butt.  Sometimes we need an injection of inspiration into our veins.  Sometimes we need this sort of thing to come from an unfamiliar voice. Continue reading

Camp State of Mind

I know it’s been awhile since there was a blog post – the entire month of July and August in fact, but who’s keeping track?  Our hiatus wasn’t planned but in hindsight sorely needed.  So what happened?  Did Superman Week annihilate us?  Did the end of the NBA/NHL seasons give us nothing to talk about?  To be honest, life happened. Continue reading

Basketball Over Everything: Can Lebron Live?

The two following numbers are true.

Number of Lebron James’ Championships and Finals MVPs: 2

Number of times I’ve watched Lebron be presented with said trophies: 0 Continue reading

Kryptonite Free Blogging: Welcome to the Planet

Spoilers for Man of Steel below.  Go watch it and then come back. Continue reading

Kryptonite Free Blogging: The Only Superman Comic You Need to Read

Batman is my favourite superhero.  This isn’t a debate, as a kid I used to dress up everyday as him, play with my countless Batman action figures, and watch the animated series every night.  It’s not that Superman never interested me – I just had the only superhero I’d ever need. Continue reading

Kryptonite Free Blogging: I’m Basically Superman Now

It’s a well established fact that I know next to nothing about Superman.  Which is a bummer, seeing how it’s Superman week on our corner of the internet.  My lack of Superman knowledge seems a little rude, a pinch disrespectful, to the muscular man in blue spandex.  Righting this wrong, and speedily, is obviously required. Continue reading