I Suck at Being Canadian: The Last Time the Miami Heat Lost, Jarome Iginla was a Flame

Big sports night last night.  The Chicago Bulls beat the Miami Heat to end their 27 game winning streak.  However, something “bigger” happened in hockey: Jarome Iginla finally got traded by the Calgary Flames. Continue reading

I Suck at Being Canadian: What’s Hockey Day?

I had my Saturday planned from start to finish last night.  The plan for the day was: hot yoga, Chipotle, writing/homework/reading, Flames/’Nucks, and movie before bed.  Of course, it would’ve been a good Saturday but Nicole texted me in the morning informing me that it was Hockey Day in Canada. Continue reading

I Suck at Being Canadian: Tales of a Hockey Atheist Living in Vancouver

Before we get to this week’s game I would like to address some things that Nicole brought up at the end of last week’s post:

Yes, I know who Don Cherry is…No, I do not know any of his catchphrases…I have no comment about The Decision…I do not take my comment back about luck because luck impacts every sport…I’m on a first name basis with Dion because it’s easier to type than Phaneuf…I’m skeptical of finding enlightenment by becoming a fan of the Oilers.

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I Suck at Being Canadian Week One: I Should Have Watched Two Good Teams Play

The last time I watched a full hockey game was in 2010, and it was the gold medal game.  What better way to kick off my first hockey games in two years than with a live diary of the first period.  I am streaming the game on CBC.  My phone is plugged in for a direct link to Nicole for all my hockey questions.  Let us begin at the end of Hockey Tonight.  Quick note, the times posted are in real time because the introductions was thirty minutes long, if David Stern was in charge of the NHL that would have been a huge fine.

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