A Disco Lafleur! Life Lesson Filled Hockey Hug of Love

My life is in shambles right now.  I cannot even handle this.  Like, I just – I don’t know anything anymore.  This is beyond.  Some things are just too good.  Continue reading


A Food Network Soul Sister Filled Hockey Hug of Love

Panko and backhands.  Boarding and fleur de sel.  “Season at every step” and “We’ve got to get pucks to the net”.  Searing, visors, lemon zest, and Gary Bettman.

Some things just go together.

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A Fleecy, Wine Filled Hockey Hug of Love

9:07am: It’s hockey day. It’s back. Finally. Grab my phone and text half the people in my contacts wishing them the best day. It’s like Christmas, only better. The whole I-didn’t-know-this-day-would-come thing really spices up the Christmasish anticipation. It’s like a secret ingredient, like adding butter to tomato sauce– that je ne sais quoi of Gary-related loathing and the horrocious hockey purgatory we’ve all been drowning in that makes this day all the more excellent. Continue reading