Best of Seven Series: Red Denim

Let’s talk about divisive issues – the kind where people fall fervently on either one side or the other.  And I really do mean fervently.  All over the world, people passionately advocate for their position on the topic.  Alliances are formed.  Relationships are tragically ripped apart.  People stop speaking.  Shins are kicked: cilantro, reproducing, moustaches, Barack Obama, purple grape flavoring, Les Miserable, hair management with premature baldness, the color mustard, mushrooms, Perez Hilton, wasabi – these important matters surround us in a gigantic bear hug of debate.  It’s basically our responsibility to hash these issues out, to shed light on such contentious discussions.  And so, as the socially conscientious people we are, we enlisted 5 brilliant people, who, with Irving and I, comprise a 7 person panel armed to tackle one of the deepest rooted, most dramatic, and highly profound debates there is: Red denim. Continue reading