Fanboy Friday: It’s Apparent I’m Allergic to Top 40

Before we get to the list here is a list of things we have learned from part one: if you’re a girl and can sing it’ll take approximately .00000000001 seconds for me to fall in love with you after you sing your first note…if you consider yourself a niche artist or are indie I will have your back…half of part one is rap music and the other half is of girls who can sing…I’m allergic to Top 40 music…and if this doesn’t sound like any music you listen to or like I’m telling you that it doesn’t get better.

Click here for Part One.

Group K: “Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe”

35. “Hustler” – Josef Salvat

This is the song I switched with “Oh Sailor” from part one. I had this song ranked #44 before I made the change. I kept listening to it and it broke me. It is one of the most haunting songs on this list and I can’t explain it. It makes me feel uneasy. I feel like everything about it is perfect. From the lyrics, telling a story about regret and shame, to the music. “Hustler” gives me chills every listen.

34. “Paris” – Magic Man

This song is very upbeat for it’s subject matter. It talks about someone letting a loved one go but the beat is so happy it makes you forget that the character in this song feels like a hole is burning in their chest. I find this dichotomy fascinating plus the fact that it is one of the catchier songs on this list puts it right here.

33. “Horoscope” – LIZ

Spring time/so sweet…this is what this song is. It feels like spring. While “Paris” cuts you like a crisp fall wind. “Horoscope” is a spring breeze. It is light yet serious. It takes it’s time to build but feels like it’s in a rush. “Horoscope” is an escape, let it go and enjoy it.

32. “Animals ft Kendrick Lamar” – The White Panda Bootleg

How do you take one of the best songs by Kendrick Lamar and make it better? You make this song. My only gripe with this song is that it came out at the end of summer. How could you do this? It’s the perfect summer party song. Listen to the drop and tell me this is false. You can’t.

Group J: “Songs for the City”

31. “Hold My Liquor Yume Remix” – Kanye West

This is the song that relegated “New Slaves DJ Snake Remix” to the honourable mentions list in part one. It makes the list for one simple reason, it is easier to listen to on repeat than the remix to “New Slaves.” I like this remix better than the original. Yume softens the song and turns it into something else. I’m still trying to figure it out but I know I like it.

30. “5 AM in Toronto” – Drake

Give these niggas the look, the verse, and even the hook/That’s why every song sound like Drake featuring Drake

Drake isn’t playing around and he’s coming after you with one long verse and a foreboding beat.  No new friends…

Group I: “Soundtrack for your Dreams”

29. “Ms. Jackson” – Dillon Cooper

After you listen to “Ms. Jackson” go download Cozmik and hop on the Dillon Cooper bandwagon.

28. “You and Me Flume Remix” – Disclosure

Usually I don’t let music videos affect how I feel about songs but this is one those times where I need to make an exception. Video aside this song is catchy as hell, the drop is great, and how could you not feel endorphins flooding your body after a listen? I only wish that my friends told me about this song in the summer and not when I got back to Vancouver.

27. “My Song 5” – HAIM

“My Song 5” makes this list under the same reasons why some athletes win MVP’s during a season when no one player stands out: they’re the best player on one of the best teams. “My Song 5” is the best song on one of the best albums of the year.

26. “Odyssey” – Dream Koala

Let’s have a quick quiz.  “Odyssey” by Dream Koala is which of the following?

A) Sounds like a dream

B) Sounds like a trip

C) Is music which you can see

D) All of the above

The answer is D. Immerse yourself in this world created by Dream Koala and don’t think twice.

25. “Slacks” – St. South

I can’t get this song out of my head. I found it in summer and it hasn’t let me go. It’s so simple but the execution gives it depth. I want to wander the voice which is St. South. It dances in your ears, there’s no other way I can explain it.

Group H: “Covers to Take You Home”

24. “Nightcall” – London Grammar

We remember the movie Drive right? And it’s excellent title track which oozes atmosphere right? Well what if I told you that it was covered by the talented London Grammar and it gave the song another dimension? Your mind would be blown right? Well in case your head didn’t explode it happened and there’s a music video and everything. And yes, it is just as amazing you believed.

23. “Get Lucky Cover” – Daughter

Really? I chose a cover of arguably the song of the summer? Yes, yes I did. Sue me, it’s my list. Daughter’s cover turns “Get Lucky” on it’s head. It’s stripped down and the mood of it does a 180. In my opinion for the better. It is a perfect song to unwind to as you drive home after midnight.

22. “Say My Name/Cry Me a River” – The Neighbourhood

I was sold on The Neighbourhood after “Sweater Weather”  or as my friends refer to it as, “The most hipster song ever.” However, it was this mash-up/cover which had me all in on them. The two songs are such the perfect marriage that it makes you wonder why someone didn’t do it sooner.

Group G: “The Kings of Summer”

21. “Pusher Love Girl” – Justin Timberlake

My love for “Pusher Love Girl” got so deep that I would start referring to it to fill in time. For example, if I was 15 minutes away from you, I’d say, “I’m two PLG’s away.” This would happen at least once a day. I’m not proud of this but it happened. Let’s just move on.

20. “Holy Grail” – Jay Z ft Justin Timberlake

I knew this song would end up on this list. I just didn’t know where. At first I thought it might kick off the list at 50. But then I revisited it and it ended up on repeat and I’d listen to it five times in a row and not get tired of it. I forgot how good it was. My bad, never again.

Group F: “Give Me Second, I’m Still Swooning”

19. “Do You…Cashmere Cat Remix” – Miguel

If you were in my car at any point this past summer there is a 100% chance this was being blasted. I listened to it every day at least once between the months of May and August. It has trailed off a bit because it isn’t the most in depth song but still holds a place in my music heart.

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