Fanboy Friday: “Choosing My Favourite 50 Songs of 2013 Can’t Be Too Hard, Right?”

Wait…FBF is still alive? It is and will be back as a new collection on Medium. However, I can’t go out on nothing. So as the last FBF on here (for the foreseeable future) I ranked my Top 50 songs of 2013. This list has been sitting here since the end of December and I’m breaking it out now. The list is so big I have to split it into three parts. See you guys next week.

Things to keep in mind for this list: I haven’t listened to every single song in 2013. This isn’t a list of the best songs of 2013. These are my favourite songs. Don’t fret if your song doesn’t make the list and feel free to let us know what songs I might have missed.

Thoughts, rules, and guidelines I have for this list:  all of the songs o this list must have been released in 2013. The list must reflect my musical taste. I want as much musical variety as possible so no artist will have more than two songs present. I want to limit to list to 50 songs because a list larger than that doesn’t interest me, although next year a 64 song bracket might be happening. Also to make things harder on myself I split the songs up into different groups. Before we hit the list let’s run through some honourable mentions that just missed the cut.

Honourable Mentions:

“New Slaves DJ Snake Remix” – Kanye West – I love this song but it ends up in the honourable list because my list already has two Kanye songs. Easily my favourite club song of the year.

“Control” – Big Sean, Kendrick Lamar, and Jay Electronica – This song caused the rap world to pause for a second. It ends up here because I skip Big Sean and Jay Electronica’s verses and just listen to Kendrick’s verse. You can’t make the list if I skip through 66% of the song, no matter how good the 33% is.

“Rap God” – Eminem – I’m saving the Marshall Mathers LP 2 for my winter break listening. Until then let’s enjoy the fact that Em is rapping his ass again, I just wish it felt more effortless than it does here.

“Young and Beautiful Panic City Remix” – Lana Del Ray – I never went to go see The Great Gatsby but at least the soundtrack gave us this song for Panic City to remix. A perfect song for summer.

“Further Away (Romance Police)” – Lissie – I enjoy this song but I didn’t listen to Lissie’s latest album until a couple weeks ago. Too late for it to make a dent in my Top 50.

“Words of Amber” – Olafur Arnalds – Perfect music for studying, reading, and background music when pondering/reflecting on about life.

“Wus Good/Curious” – PARTYNEXTDOOR – I have enough songs which are sexually charged on the list.

“Victory Part II” – Thunderbird Gerard – If you’re looking for new workout tunes I suggest giving this song a go.

“Upper Echelon” – Travis Scott ft T.I. & 2 Chainz – The perfect rap song for 2013. Sick beat, hook, verse, hook, guest verse, hook, guest verse, hook and outro. Ho-hum.

“Diamond Thrones” – The White Panda – Ever wonder what it’d be like if Rihanna’s “Diamonds” was mashed up with the theme song of Game of Thrones? You don’t have to wonder anymore, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

“Think of You RAC Remix” – Ms Mr – I had this song on my list for the initial rankings before being bumped off by more memorable songs.

“Jump (Club Cheval Remix)” – Rihanna ft Theophilus London – Theophilus kills it on this remix and Rihanna’s hook is perfect.

“TKO Black Friday Remix” – Justin Timberlake ft J.Cole, A$AP Rocky, & Pusha T – J.Cole’s flow is too much to handle on this song. The first time I heard it I didn’t believe it was him. I had to replay it because I’ve never heard him go so hard on a track before.

Group O: “Because the Internet”

50. “Telepathic Ave Ta-Ku Remix” – Childish Gambino
49. “3005” – Childish Gambino

We’re kicking off the list with two last minute additions from Childish Gambino’s Because the Internet. This Ta-Ku remix chops and screws Gambino’s voice to perfectly match the change of pace beat and the inevitable drop. It’s a song where you want to lose yourself to because it feels like it belongs on a different plane of thought.

“3005” is my go to song from my early impressions of Because the Internet. It’s good to have Gambino back for the holidays. It would be listed higher if it came out earlier but for now we’ll stick it here.

Group N: “If I Never Date a Girl Who Can Sing I’ll Be Disappointed”

48. “Retrograde Cover” – Dominique Star

I already have a James Blake song higher up on the list even though three or four songs from Overgrown could’ve have made this list. I found out about Dominique Star about a week before I went go see James in concert. There was no question this stunning cover was going to make the Top 50. Does Dominique get bonus points for having purple hair and rocking Brooklyn Nets snap back in the video below? She got all of my bonus points.

47. “Oh Sailor Strange Talk Remix” – Mr. Little Jeans

I initially had this song at #35 on this list but as I was reviewing my list for the 34943058403950380 time I chewed on it and chewed on it and didn’t feel right about it. So now it is here and I feel much better. Nothing against the song but as I went through the list it just looked funky to me.

46. “On the Shore” – Slow Skies

Sometimes all you need is a guitar and your voice, I’m convinced this is all Slow Skies will ever need. Her voice is one part soothing, one part swoon worthy, and one part stand up to attention. It’s crisp but soft, almost a whisper yet it’s so delicate you want to hang onto every word because if one slips you’re afraid it’ll be lost forever. For a voice as beautiful as her’s that would be tragic.

45. “Lie to Me” – Njomza

Five songs in and we have our first sexually charged one. And to be honest it might be the most sexually charged song on this entire list. Pulse pounding, aggressive, and sensual. I don’t know what else to say. If you don’t believe me just wait until the hook kicks in for some awesome moaning sounds.

44. “Fire Breather” – Laurel

The queen of this group, Laurel’s “Fire Breather” is a song that draws you in slowly and traps you in a hypnotic mood. Press play and let Laurel’s voice vibrate through your bones and settle into your soul.

Group M: “A Little Bit of Everything”

43. “Odyssey” – The Wyld

This song starts in high gear and never lets you go. To be honest the drums which kick start “Odyssey” is the reason why I’ll always be back for more. The song is haunting but gets you pumped at the same time. I’m not sure any song on this list has the same effect.

42. “King Wizard” – Kid Cudi

Kid Cudi is one of my favourite rappers for the fact that his sound is so different than anything else in music right now. I’m even hesitant to call him a rapper because he manipulates music with a “I don’t give a fuck” attitude. He stays away from conventions and does his own damn thing. Sometimes this is great, other times not so much. For me “Indicud” was mostly forgettable but don’t worry I still got your back Cudi.

41. “Doin’ it Right” – Daft Punk ft Panda Bear

Is it possible for Daft Punk to make a bad song? I don’t think it is. My favourite song from the fantastic Random Access Memories.

40. “So High” – Ghost Loft

Put it this way, when your name is Ghost Loft, you better be making some music you can kick back to. Luckily Ghost Loft understands this perfectly and gives us “So High.”

Group L: “Story Tellers”

39. “Beautiful” – ILLClinton

The lines feel as if they would be better suited for a capella but the piano is a perfect compliment to ILLClinton’s longer lines. The flow has a throw back vibe. It is beautiful.

38. “Acid Rain” – Chance the Rapper

I was bullish when my friends first introduced me to Chance. I didn’t get it. While I could see he was talented, it felt too crazy for me. There was too much chaos. It felt like he was rapping to just rap, he wasn’t telling me anything. “Acid Rain” is the song that had me reconsider my stance on Chance. It made me realize while I was hearing what Chance was spitting, I wasn’t listening. I am grateful that I was introduced to this song because now I love Chance.

37. “Summer” – Paris Jones

“Summer” came out at the end of September, a time when you’ve settled into you fall routine and accepted the fact that summer has passed and it’s time to focus on the now. Of course, Paris Jones doesn’t care as he pulls you back with a great song.

36. “He Say She Say” – Shad

I had a chance to catch Shad at the Vogue Theatre in December. The energy at the show was off the charts and it is a night I won’t soon forget. Even though the energy was something I wasn’t expecting from such a lyrical rapper as Shad, my favourite songs by him are ones with stories. “He Say She Say” is my favourite song from Flying Colours. The hook will hang between your ears long after the song is finished.

Then I wanted to do a verse about how they worked it out but…

Click here for Part Two and Three.

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