Basketball Over Everything: My Top Ten Favourite Players For 2013/2014

If five year old Irving read our blog since our summer hiatus this is what he’d say, “Hey Irving, you’ve written plenty about music, comics, camp, music, and had your 50th post.  How about a post about basketball?  You know that sport you love or at least you say you do but now you seem more occupied with yoga.  By the way, you suck and I hate you.  You poo poo head.” Continue reading

What’s Another Eleven Days?

Let’s focus on the positives from this past weekend: staying up until three in the morning three nights in a row didn’t kill me.  It is never a bad weekend when a friend from out of town visits.  If this was supposed to be a normal weekend it would be considered great. Continue reading

Fanboy Friday: Yeezy Season

This Sunday I will be going to see Kendrick Lamar and Kanye West.  There is a 99% chance I will die this weekend from excitement and pent up anticipation.  Regardless I will attempt to chronicle my weekend without spontaneously combusting.  In the meantime here is a list of my six favourite Kanye verses in no particular order.  Why six?  Because this list could have easily been thirty.  Enjoy and see you next week.  Probably. Continue reading

Blog Action Day: “I Look at all the Ugliness in Sports and Wonder”

At five, I fell in love with basketball. Continue reading

We Aren’t Any Closer to Having Nice Things: 50

It’s our anniversary. Break out the fancy cutlery and set the table for two. Pour some snappy chardonnay and warm the brie. Iron the satin sheets and dim those lights. Put on that shirt I love you in. Or put on that nothing I love you in.

It’s our anniversary, blog reader-people. Our 50th anniversary. Ours. You and me. You and Irving, although now it’s like I’m describing some mysterious love triangle, and everyone knows triangles get beyond complicated, major quick.

So let’s keep it PG. Since it’s our 50th, tradition says you have to get us (me) something gold. Great – I’ll take anything gold (except golden loonie chocolates. Ick). Irving will take something gold too. He can turn it into hipster man-bling; gold is so mainstream, it must be ironic by now, right? Continue reading

Introduce a Little Love & Misadventure

It took me about forty-five minutes to read through Lang Leav’s Love & Misadventure.  Afterwards I went for walk and picked up some food.  Then, I sat down and read it again, and again, and again.  I’ve read it in bed, in a coffee shop, on the train, with a cup of tea and a pint of ice cream. Continue reading

Fanboy Friday: Can I Interest You in Some Zen?

Sometimes we need a solid and swift kick in the butt.  Sometimes we need an injection of inspiration into our veins.  Sometimes we need this sort of thing to come from an unfamiliar voice. Continue reading