Get Funky. Get Dirty. Get Down.

I’m not sure if last Friday night was real.  My friend’s band FunkDirty headlined a set at Fortune Sound Club.  The band came out at around 10:15 and everything else from that point on was a blur.  I didn’t waste any precious dancing time in the front by taking photos or videos, but there’s evidence that the night was real.

The band started their set, giving everyone in the band a time to shine and add to the build up.  Gabe White was on the stage alone drumming to start, then joined by Sasha Olynk on the keyboards, then the beat box talents of Sam Dabrusin, followed by the beautiful voice of Maneo Mohale, and finally finished off by MC Francis Arevalo jumping on stage.  From the start you could sense that FunkDirty didn’t want this to have the feel of a normal show.  It was such a tease to start the way they did and the entire place bought into it.  There was a bounce in the venue.  There was an ‘ecstatic to be here’ vibe to the show.  FunkDirty didn’t know anything else but to feed off the crowd and get us hyped.  And the crowd didn’t know any better and went along for the ride.

I’m probably too close to it all.  Francis is a very good friend and the days leading up to the show both of us were hyped.  He told me that his goal was to stage dive; we both laughed it off but there was a sense that it could happen.  I remember before it was time for them to go on, Francis seemed as if his mind was pulling him in a thousand different directions and his body wasn’t sure if he could do everything his mind was asking.  When they did get on stage, they threw everything at the crowd, they let everything out.  The show felt raw and uninhibited.  As soon as each of them hit the stage, they transformed.  Their personalities were turned up to the highest volume.  The energy they projected, the high it gave me, it was the happiest I’ve felt since I’ve been back in Vancouver.

FunkDirty was owned the stage for forty-five minutes.  Nothing they did on stage matched what happened afterwards.  They had reached a level of bliss when they left the stage.


We stayed at Fortune to dance the rest of the night away and try to keep our emotional high up.  At one point of the night the DJ Snake remix of “New Slaves” came on. I lost my mind for the moment. You could have told me my apartment was on fire at that point and I wouldn’t have cared.  Afterwards we headed down the street to Bestie for some late night food and an attempt to put the night in perspective.  We couldn’t, we were still too pumped.  It was two in the morning and we were walking through downtown Vancouver, our bodies were exhausted but our spirits had a full tank.  I got home around three and didn’t fall asleep until four.  My feet and legs were killing me, my palms were raw from clapping, and my body temperature was about five thousand degrees.  I crashed the next day until noon and it took me four days to fully recover from Friday, even though I didn’t even drink.  I talked to Francis and he said the same thing.  I laughed it off because I didn’t even perform.  He told me it didn’t matter because “FunkDirty is everybody.”


It’s Like I Have ESPN or Something – Nicole

How lucky we are to be in our twenties.  We basically owe it to life to have nights like this.

Never stop.  Please.

Irving Chong (@Irving_Chong) and Nicole (@_nicoliooo) are co-creators of This is Why we Can’t Have Nice Things even though it doesn’t make sense why they’re friends.

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