Get Funky. Get Dirty. Get Down.

I’m not sure if last Friday night was real. Continue reading


Fanboy Friday: “I didn’t mean to be here – but I’m glad I was.”

This past Wednesday was the first UBC Slam of the new school year. Continue reading

Camp State of Mind

I know it’s been awhile since there was a blog post – the entire month of July and August in fact, but who’s keeping track?  Our hiatus wasn’t planned but in hindsight sorely needed.  So what happened?  Did Superman Week annihilate us?  Did the end of the NBA/NHL seasons give us nothing to talk about?  To be honest, life happened. Continue reading


Fanboy Friday: Indie Music Crushes for Fall

We’re back from our summer hiatus.  It wasn’t planned but it was sorely needed, details of why will be revealed on Monday.  Until then, here’s another installment of my indie music crushes for fall. Continue reading