Kryptonite Free Blogging: Welcome to the Planet

Spoilers for Man of Steel below.  Go watch it and then come back. Continue reading

Kryptonite Free Blogging: The Only Superman Comic You Need to Read

Batman is my favourite superhero.  This isn’t a debate, as a kid I used to dress up everyday as him, play with my countless Batman action figures, and watch the animated series every night.  It’s not that Superman never interested me – I just had the only superhero I’d ever need. Continue reading

Kryptonite Free Blogging: I’m Basically Superman Now

It’s a well established fact that I know next to nothing about Superman.  Which is a bummer, seeing how it’s Superman week on our corner of the internet.  My lack of Superman knowledge seems a little rude, a pinch disrespectful, to the muscular man in blue spandex.  Righting this wrong, and speedily, is obviously required. Continue reading

Kryptonite Free Blogging: My Favourite Superman Moments in Television and Film

I don’t have as strong ties to Superman through television and film as I do for someone like Batman or even Spider-Man, for that matter.  However, I’ve still seen moments which tell you everything you’ve ever needed to know about the character. Continue reading

Fanboy Friday: Hearing the Unheard

Last weekend I went to the Vancouver Art Gallery for the first time.  I went because time was running out on the Art Spiegelman exhibit.  Little did I know that last Friday would be one of my best days in Vancouver. Continue reading