Fanboy Friday: The Jessie Ware Concert, Plus Njomza and Meg Myers Release New Songs

I was in a predicament this past Monday.  Do I be responsible and work on assignments all day and indulge in the NCAA Final or do I work on assignments all day, indulge in the NCAA final, and go to the Jessie Ware concert at the Commodore? The tipping point for me going was learning Ms Mr was opening.  I learned about Ms Mr’s existence thanks to a column by my fictional BFF Rembert Browne and his time at SXSW.  Rembert says they blew him away, I downloaded their EP and did not regret my decision.  In related news, I would not regret going to the concert.

Confession: Before Monday I had never been to a concert in Vancouver and had never been front row, like touching the stage front row.  I have no good explanation for these travesties.  I know most people don’t know who Jessie Ware and Ms Mr are but for my first concert here, as well as being able to touch the stage, they didn’t disappoint.  Ms Mr bounced on stage around nine.  I say bounced because they ooze exuberance and you could feel the energy shift in the room.   The girl in charge of vocals, Lizzy Plapinger, rocked a bright orange skirt.  Some people behind me described it as a “Sailor Moon skirt.”  I wasn’t complaining and may have swooned as soon as the band took the stage.   She looked like my dream girl, if my dream girl was into cosplay.  They killed it for forty-five minutes, which in my opinion was way too short but with a small collection of songs to their name before their debut album drops I’m not one to complain.  Until then Candy Bar Creep Show will be in my starting rotation on my iPod.

The most memorable concert I’ve been to was Kanye‘s Glow in the Dark Tour.  The night was a blur but one thing which will always stick out is Kanye’s stage presence.  He felt like he was a black hole and he just sucked in the crowd for the entirety of his performance.  I did not assume that this concert would have the same affect.  However, when Jessie took the stage it felt like an event.  I did not swoon like the countless amount of girls around me but she was breath taking to see in person.  She is strikingly tall, and she doesn’t move in a awkward manner like some tall girls do, her movements felt effortless.  When Biggie said, “To all the ladies with style and grace,” he was talking about Jessie.

One thing I did not expect from the show was her interaction with the crowd.  She kept it real for lack of a better term.  She indulged the fan girls, pointed out cute couples, and told us her experience of seeing her face on every street corner thanks to her Georgia Straight Cover.  She also told us that she was vomiting the night before, but if you were to judge her health purely on her voice you wouldn’t be able to tell anything was wrong.  Her voice was perfect.  What else matters?

Lucky for me, my indie crushes did not stop delivering on Monday.  On Tuesday I was surprised with a release from my number one indie crush Meg Myers.  Listen to the song below right now and thank me later.

Remember a couple weeks ago when I said that I was underwhelmed with the 20/20 Experience because most of the songs didn’t build to anything?  This is the exact opposite case here with Heart Heart Head. As soon as the song hits, it makes you shift and you’re not sure why.  Her voice is as powerful and deep as ever, and changes into something visceral at the 2:50 mark.  In the words of Kobe, “A different animal but the same beast.”  Her scream cuts through you and the music takes you to a new place.  It’s exciting yet scary and I don’t think I want to leave.

With a concert and a new song by my favourite indie girl, it’s a good week for music.  Then Wednesday night happened.  Njomza released a new video to promote her upcoming mix tape GOLD LION.  My jaw may or may not still be on the floor.

Most Dope.  Indeed.

It was a good week for my indie music crushes.

*Cues the soundtrack*

It’s Like I Have ESPN or Something – Nicole

Concerts, new music, cell phone pictures, super cute neon skirts – it sounds like summertime central.  Can’t beat that.  All we need now is a patio beverage and a sunburn.  Come on nature, get this show on the road.

Can we also discuss how those pictures were taken on Irving’s BLACKBERRY.  And no, we are not talking a BB10.  Nope.  A Blackberry Bold.  From like 2006.  It’s possibly the only BB Bold still hanging on to life in the entire world.  It’s essentially a miracle that Irving has the last functional relic from the Blackberry boom.  You take good care of that little guy Irving.  It’ll be in a museum one day.  Maybe even the Guinness Book of World Records – “Blackberry phone that went the longest without falling apart or spontaneously giving up on life”.

It’s a national treasure.

Irving Chong (@Irving_Chong) and Nicole (@_nicoliooo) are co-creators of This is Why we Can’t Have Nice Things even though it doesn’t make sense why they’re friends.


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