I Suck at Being Canadian: The Last Time the Miami Heat Lost, Jarome Iginla was a Flame

Big sports night last night.  The Chicago Bulls beat the Miami Heat to end their 27 game winning streak.  However, something “bigger” happened in hockey: Jarome Iginla finally got traded by the Calgary Flames. Continue reading

Basketball Over Everything: Nicole Watches Second Round Sunday, Irving Goes to Yoga Instead

Yesterday, Nicole spent the majority of her day watching college basketball.  I used my day of watching basketball all day on Thursday.  In hindsight this was a huge mistake. Continue reading

Fanboy Friday: The 20/20 Playlist

I do not need to tell you that it has been awhile since Justin Timberlake released new music.  However, since I do have an irrational attachment to FutureSex/LoveSounds I was so ecstatic on Tuesday when The 20/20 Experience came out. Continue reading