Basketball Over Everything: I Love This Game

Quite a bit has happened since I wrote about basketball.  The All-Star game was played, I saw Nicole before she went to Arizona, and I played basketball for the first time in the new year this past Saturday.  All three of these events don’t seem related but in terms of how I have viewed the NBA recently they are. Continue reading


Fanboy Friday: JL8. That is All.

Last week I highlighted the best Batman writer of the moment.  I knew before writing it the majority of people would not know who Scott Snyder is.  This fact captures the problems faced by comic books. Continue reading

Fanboy Friday: All Hail the Once and Future Bat King

I didn’t want to do this so soon, another post about Batman?  However, when Scott Snyder is staking his claim as the best Batman writer of the moment I have to say something. Continue reading

I Suck at Being Canadian: What’s Hockey Day?

I had my Saturday planned from start to finish last night.  The plan for the day was: hot yoga, Chipotle, writing/homework/reading, Flames/’Nucks, and movie before bed.  Of course, it would’ve been a good Saturday but Nicole texted me in the morning informing me that it was Hockey Day in Canada. Continue reading

Fanboy Friday: An Off the Cuff Explanation of Star Wars

On Monday Nicole texted me a picture of this.  What was first an innocent text sharing a funny picture turned into two and a half hours of me explaining Star Wars to her.  The following is a transcript of our text conversation.  Quick note, the order of texts sent and received have not been altered, as well as the texts themselves, also since I can’t hyperlink in texts, there will be no hyperlinks in the post.  For all things Star Wars and the place I went to look up certain facts, such as the Jedi Code, Yoda and Palpatine’s origin, go here.  Last note, since we didn’t plan to have a talk about Star Wars all of this is from memory. If I got some facts wrong, don’t lose your fan boy/girl mind.  Enjoy. Continue reading