I Suck at Being Canadian Week One: I Should Have Watched Two Good Teams Play

The last time I watched a full hockey game was in 2010, and it was the gold medal game.  What better way to kick off my first hockey games in two years than with a live diary of the first period.  I am streaming the game on CBC.  My phone is plugged in for a direct link to Nicole for all my hockey questions.  Let us begin at the end of Hockey Tonight.  Quick note, the times posted are in real time because the introductions was thirty minutes long, if David Stern was in charge of the NHL that would have been a huge fine.

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A Fleecy, Wine Filled Hockey Hug of Love

9:07am: It’s hockey day. It’s back. Finally. Grab my phone and text half the people in my contacts wishing them the best day. It’s like Christmas, only better. The whole I-didn’t-know-this-day-would-come thing really spices up the Christmasish anticipation. It’s like a secret ingredient, like adding butter to tomato sauce– that je ne sais quoi of Gary-related loathing and the horrocious hockey purgatory we’ve all been drowning in that makes this day all the more excellent. Continue reading